What are Dirt Bikes and should you buy one?

Probably you want to purchase a bike and are exploring various options available in the market. Well, no harm comes from exploring.

There are many kinds of bikes available in the market – Sports bikes, Cruiser bikes, Dirt bikes, and the normal road bikes. We often go for bikes that suit our needs or match our personality. The bikes we ride tell a lot about us.

In this article, we are going to focus on Dirt Bikes, and see why you should or shouldn’t buy a dirt bike. Read on!

Table of Contents
  • What are Dirt Bikes and should you buy one?
  • Reasons to buy a Dirt Bike
  • Pit bikes Vs. Dirt bikes

What are Dirt Bikes and should you buy one?

Well, the name tells it all. These bikes are suitable for off-road bike riding (read dirt).

They differ from the normal street bikes on various grounds:

  • Their frame and chassis are different.
  • Their tyres are larger and have a dirt knobby design to get better grip on the dirt roads.
  • More suspension to absorb the shocks that come with off-road riding.
  • Gas tank has lower capacity.

These are essentially the lighter versions of Sports bikes. They are suitable for young riders who either want to hone their driving skills or are seeking the adventure that comes along with off-road bike riding.

But even if you are in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, as soon as you get on top of a dirt bike, you will start feeling like a teenager. Believe me. These bikes have that kind of an effect on our psyche.

Dirt bikes are probably synonymous to freedom, adventure and rebel youth. Many a times advertisers throw these words around without any substance. But with dirt bikes you will feel all these emotions deep in your heart. We or anyone else need not tell you that. Just ride a dirt bike, and you will tell that to all your friends!

Well, symbolism and emotional reasons apart, now let’s see some of the other utility reasons behind people buying a dirt bike.

Reasons to buy a Dirt Bike

To improve your bike riding skills

Riding a dirt bike on an off-road track will embed in you awesome driving skills. After that driving any other bike on a road will feel like a breeze.

Dirt does not have much traction. So, you have to be much more careful and vigilant while riding a dirt bike. The sharp turns and uneven surface will also teach you how to make use of your body in balancing the bike. It also improves your hand-leg-eye coordination.

And yes, you will be required to manage the sudden jumps and slides. These things rarely happen on a smooth road, but when they do, they can cause serious harm. However, if you have had an experience in handling these situations, you will perform much better. Dirt bikes provide you that experience. I have slid my dirt bike so many times, sometimes even intentionally, that now when my cruiser bike fishtails sometimes on a wet road, I do not panic at all. Many accidents happen just because the driver panics, instead of managing the crisis situation.

Off-Track riding

Well, many of the grown ups buy a dirt bike because they like to drive on countryside dirt roads. These roads often lead to awesome non-crowded destinations.

So, if you love nature and like to spend some time alone (or with a partner), watching the sun set from atop a hill, these bikes are a way to go. Your lungs will also thank you for all the fresh air they will get.

Though many people buy bicycles for this purpose, but sometimes we do not feel like cycling long distances. With dirt bikes we can reach even farther destinations.


Riding a bicycle will boost your calf muscles, while dirt bike riding will strengthen your forearms and shoulders. Both of these activities not only strengthen your muscles, but also build up your stamina. All while having fun – definitely much better than spending multiple boring hours in a gym.

Safe riding experience

Riding a dirt bike is safer than it sounds. Though you may get hurt a little, but you probably will never get seriously hurt at beginner speeds.

  • We ride dirt bikes on unpaved country roads, with many turns and pits. You cannot ride very fast on these roads anyways.
  • Even if you fall, dirt roads and grass soften our fall. Falling on a cement or tar road is much more harmful.
  • We often and should wear protective gear while riding a dirt bike. Here we often expect to fall. One thing is for sure. If you are riding a dirt bike, you will definitely fall one day or the other. But there’s a positive side to it. It will teach you how to fall off, and how to crash – the skills that you can never even think of learning on a solid road. It will take out the fear of riding and falling from your heart.

Resilient Bikes

Moreover, these bikes are pretty resilient and sturdy. Afterall they are made for the purpose of off-road adventure trips.

So, unlike other road bikes, you may slide these bikes, fall off from them, make them jump, etc. They will take it all.

And after an awesome day of driving, you may wash these bikes or skip that part. Dirt bikes with dirt and scratches on them look even more attractive. But then that’s just our opinion.

Adventurous Outdoor Sports

Dirt bike riding is even more fun when done with your friends. Even if you do not have many friends who share this passion with you, there are many dirt bike communities in almost every city. You may join them and make many new friends that share your interest.


If you are interested in knowing the various kinds of Dirt Bikes that are available in the market, you may read this article of ours.

Pit bikes Vs. Dirt bikes

Pit bikes are a less powerful kind of bikes as compared to Dirt bikes. While you will find no dirt bike that is below 125 cc, pit bikes range from 50 cc to 150 cc.

Apart from a less powerful engine, they are also smaller in size and lighter in weight than a typical dirt bike.


If you want a bike that has the features of a dirt bike, but is legal to drive on road too, then you may explore Dual Sports Bikes. They have similar tyres as that on a dirt bike (though not exactly the same), and they have all the necessary features of a street bike too, e.g. headlights, taillights, etc.

Winding Up

Now you know what a dirt bike is, what it stands for and its utility. Do some introspection, discuss with your family and friends and see whether this is what you want.

However, if you are young and looking for your first bike, buying a dirt bike would be something that you will never regret. The memories that a dirt bike can give you will be one of the sweetest in your life.

It’s a toy that boys (even girls too) must play with, at least once in their life. Even if you missed out owning a dirt bike when you were growing up, you may get one now. If you are fit and healthy, there’s no upper age limit on riding dirt motorbikes.

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